Wilson Systems Enterprises

AOG LINE: 615-415-4144
Certified through the ASA quality assurance program since 2002, quality control is a vital part of our operation and is given the utmost attention to each unit in order to assure the highest level of quality.  All parts are fully inspected, along with the paperwork, and then stamped off by our QC manager. 
As full traceability to an authorized source is required within the industry, all factory new parts will be provided with OEM certs and all serviceable and overhauled parts will be provided with dual release 8130-3/JAA Form 1.  
In addition, Wilson Systems requires an audit/approval form to be filled out and accepted before purchasing from each vendor in order to assure quality parts are being purchased. 
We strive to be the best in quality control and believe that you will be impressed with our stringent procedures and safeguards. 
We are certified through the TN DOT as a small disadvantaged company.  If you have any government contracts it may be beneficial to you to do business with Wilson Systems.  
We have been advised by our TN DOT field coordinator that the government looks highly on businesses purchasing from certified disadvantaged companies, such as ours, when trying to obtain or renew government contracts.  
Let us help you meet your guidelines for your diversity programs in place. 
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