Wilson Systems Enterprises

AOG LINE: 615-415-4144
We sell Expendables...
Wilson Systems, a stocking supplier of Honeywell, Parker Aerospace and Vickers/Eaton Aerospace factory new parts, supports airlines, MRO's and aviation brokers worldwide.  

Our large inventory of factory new parts are available for same day shipment to any location in the world.  

Factory (O.E.M.) traceability and FAA 8130-3 are provided with all orders at no additional cost.

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Expendables Contact:

Martin Lynch
P: 615-591-0670
email: mrlynch@bellsouth.net
Bearings, Diaphragms, Seals, Gaskets
Mounting Flanges, Shock Mounts
Motors, Brushes, Micro Switches, Thermostats, Coils
Armatures and Stators
Turbine Wheels and Impellers